Watercolor Painting Tips

  1. Always use the best supplies possible.

  2. Never leave brushes in water or cleaning fluids.

  3. Always allow paper to dry between glazes.

  4. For faster drying - use a hairdryer -hold 6" from painting surface.

  5. If sheen is gone from paper, do not paint this area again until it is fully dried.
    This prevents "blooms".
  6. Always touch brush on an absorbent towel after dipping in water and before dipping
    into your paint. Too much water kills your color.
  7. Remember when painting in watercolor, your paint will dry 20% lighter than it appears
    when it is wet.

Painting Design Tips

  1. Use the rule of thirds for your paintings. Your focal point should lie on one of the lines.
  2. Always do a value sketch of your painting before beginning to paint. This sketch can be
    as small as a 2x3 although a little larger would be better.
    This sketch should contain at least three values. Light, medium, and dark.
    When you view this sketch, it should be visually interesting in its shapes not the details.
    You should also be able to turn this sketch upside down and have a visually pleasing abstract.
    Doing this will ensure a successful painting everytime. transparent image

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